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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some people just love it, Being perasan kan ? Pam Anderson ? Hey bkn senang weh nk dpt gelaran tu ; Even agak geli sket, actually tak sket je but byk byk. Pastu tayang la kat sume org. hahaha Kelakar la artis malaysia ni. Keje nye kurang, title byk n meluas. Blakon 1, 2 drama, "bnde lain" yg byk.

Pompuan ni Euw la. Duno why, i just hate her. cover up ur fucking big boobs. It looks like watermelon n ready to explode, also reminds me of Lolo, ( one of the poor woman who committed suicide after tired being humiliated for having a big boobs ) pity her.

Ni lagi sorg, si tua yg kurang kesedaran diri. Dont u notice that u have a scariest face on earth grandma?

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