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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

is it fair
for us to like someone that has always annoyed us? then sumtimes we have too , n we.. might have too. Need too. Sumtimes we need to push ourselves. For the sake of ... maybe i should keep this as a secret. Do u ever feel the same ? Hating sumone so much , we're just too afraid to lose sumone bcuz of another 'sumone' ? Ehm maybe i should add more 's' at the back. yah i noe being a hater is useless but i just cant help myself from hating that person , for me , that moron is a real intruder. But what else can we do tho ? instead of letting that person slowly bring us the damages. Moreover , my bf told me that i shouldnt let any devil element 'dominate' us. Then what to do huh ? Im stuck here in my own perception. Perception towards that group of moron. * is it too cruel for 'em to b classified in that way ? * i got no clue. Please find me an actual meaning of that word gross. Blurgh. M sorry. my hormonal changes is striking again. I duno why it strikes too often lately.
Im not sure either i should change my own perception. Thats the biggest challenge for me now , since i told u guys earlier that m stuck in my own perception , 'to reconcile my own -me-' u guys understand ? i didnt mean to be too cliche here. HAHA. what m trying to say here is - the moron - its unspeakable what they've done. Its hard for me to change my perception. N of course , its not a 'friendly' perception. It is more with sumthing that we would love to similize with trash ? shit ? Asshole ? Sorry m talking shit again.
Have you ever faced a situation when you had to? physically defend yourself? Not that into ' physically' , 'mentally' is quite okay hahaha. but seriously , i was just defending myself i swear .. m not violent , not even with my words .. sorry again. Have u ever faced a situation where u have to mingle wif sumone u .. err .. uncomfortable to coexist with 'em ! yah thats the word. huhu -.-'' What can i do ? Maybe i will just.. go with my own gut. Bye. Then stop judging me. its stupid.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

seandainya kau ada disini denganku
mungkin 'ku tak sendiri
bayanganmu yg selalu menemaniku
hiasi malam sepiku
kuingin bersama dirimu

ku tak akan pernah berpaling darimu
walau kini kau jauh dariku
'kan slalu kunanti
karena kusayang kamu

hati ini selalu memanggil namamu
dengarlah melatiku
kuberjanji hanyalah untukmu cintaku
takkan pernah ada yg lain

adakah rindu di hatimu
seperti rindu yg kurasa
sanggupkah kuterus terlena
tanpamu di sisiku
kukan selalu menantimu

I’d catch a grenade for ya
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I’d jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya
I would go through all this pain,

Take a bullet straight through my brain,

Yes, I would die for ya baby ;

But you won't do the same

Ergh actually ak malas nak post ape2 entry since im not in a good mood , 2 days left in Sarawak make my heart full with ... :'( Berat hati. Tanak balik dulu. Segalanya indah kat umah ni , yes sumtimes aku btekak ngn bapak ak hahaha. But it doesnt mean i hate him. No ! Mane boleh ak bnci darah daging sndri , person yg lahirkan ak ke dunia ni. Hahahaha. Its juz , again - hormonal changes between us both , teenager turned to adult & Adult that having a monopouse. HAHAHAH. Love you dady. Sorry for everything. Ur daughter duno how to keep her mouth shut. Broadband baru ok today , before ni just on9 dgn hp , tu pun ak baru dpt tau crdt kne cut almost rm1o. Holly shit. I was so mad. Mati2 ak ingatkan free -.-'' so i juz spent my time on playing sims , dah 3 keturunan Rahman ak maen. Yay. Today is sunday. Yah malaysia maen kan arini ? Gudluck malaysia , altho im not a huge supporter who will scream , buy a ticket n watch, im still proud that our country has made it to the final. Bravo ! - hormonal changes strikes again- ye mmg tgh membara. atas sbb2 tertentu ak rahsiakn. Ye ? HIhi :) hell yeah , sem 4 ! Mcm babi weh tension kot. Mmg totally a hell sem for me , everyday i guess. DEar frens , really need a supports from u guys. im down right here. Gudlcuk for me. Bila ak takley nak on9 , so mcm2 bnde asing ak buat. Tmasuklah selongkar balik gmbr2 lame , n tgk. sum of the hidden photos ak jumpe balik. HAHA memories.

- with nina & Aja. During our masscom dinner.

Shoot by Adrina leong & edited by hazman. Tq guys, great job. Love it tremendously.

Taken by Alif chappati / kopi. If im not mistaken. Forgot already. HAHA.

this is what we called - the poyoness. I hate holding it since it was too heavy. -- wondering how the cameraman hold it everyday.

Diploma. :) group assignments. Interviewed people blablabla & acting in vc. HAHA. duno why they picked me. Jimat kot. haha

Queen of my heart. My backbone. My love. My sunshine. Allah greatest gift. This photo taken on her surprise bday party. Hihi. everyone was unprepared for it. see my face. Ugly.

levelmates & 2010 housemates. Loves.


HAHAHAH. Yoe ; Jay manuel.

Monday, December 20, 2010

  1. Waiting for mum , trying her new outfit. she looks gorgeous on her fren wedding dinner anyway
  2. Eating smoked chicken sandwich while watching america's next top model on youtube will always being my choice - alone in my freezing pink room ♥
  3. With my aunt - my mum youngest sistah. She's my 3rd banker. Hihi. She pampered her nieces & nephews too much most of the time , since she has no child.
  4. This is the one , my pumpkin , ALIA. she's so adorable wearing scarf. im sure she'll be a drop dead gorgeous in my age. Damn she beat me ! :) ♥
  5. Grr ! ♥
malam ni ctr lebih sket boleh ? Hihi , dah lame tak update blog since ak duk guna streamix je , leceh gila nk psg wayar tu wayar nih , bb tak bayaq g sbb bos traveling... Huhu. So ak habiskan masa dgn maen sims , smpai skrg dah branak pinak family Rahman & Mint , Hehe. Skrg Alan dah besar , grw up veru well , married to solvieg. huhu rusian girl. She's now 1 month pregnant. :) So happy. Harini ak spent my whole day hanging out with Dylaaaaa :) mcm biase ktorg ke Spring , -.-''' kat ctu nothing so just tgk wayang - at first nak tgk Repunzel tp lambar sgt so ktorg tgk MY SOUL TO TAKE.

Horror: Seven small-town teenagers find their lives in danger 16 years to the day after they were born and when a local serial killer either died or disappeared.

im melting inside GOSH !!!!!!!
Help meee !!!

  • some stories need to be removed due to the unavoidable matters.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First of all , i would love to thank all visitors who read & gave me sum useful supports here. I m so impressed that most of my visitors - ARE FROM ABROAD. hihi Tq. i have nothing much to say , this blog published as a medium for me to speak what i want.


Lets talk about tired. Living in this world , seems so easy for those who can handle their madness. For me myself , often gt conquered by my own emotional feeling , i called it - hormonal changes- rather than to use a term - emo. Hello im not emo. For me its just an unhappy feeling that we as a human hard n too difficult to overcome. I often watched Oprah Winfrey Show n i found that soooo many great & useful 'material' for us to share. I want to be like Oprah when i grow uppp! she was a former reporter if im not mistaken. I dunoooo please dun rely too much on any of my word! Grr. I adore her. Todays episode is about - mosaic - an extremely useful tool to detect whether the couple is in danger or not. Moreover , todays episode also covered about a former wife of Gavenor Sanford - having an affair with an Argentinian woman. Both of the topics is very interesting where each of the guests were talking about their past history that is soooo pathetic. Not everyone has the courage like that which will help other human being in this world - deal with their own big problem. - stressful. Sum of 'em were extremely tired , definitely, n most probably will take the 'easiest' way to solve their problems - commit suicide. For Jenny Sanford- former wife of Gavenor Sanford , never thought that this huge n painful fate will appear to their family life , as shes really respects n loves her husband very much , she puts a trust on him , wherever her husband go n whose her husband will be dealing with , n yadayada. She was suffering from mentally brke down - until she collected all the strong emotion , the other side of her n combined it to a book , - its kind of novel actually - written specially for those who might face the situation just like her - cheated by own husband. Its about trust - gut feeling- how to control our own emotional. I forgot to mention the name of her great book - Its STAYING TRUE. - revealing that her husband removed the word "faithful" from their wedding vows, and that, early on in their marriage, he gave her the promise of half a bike for her birthday, then the other half on Christmas, only to give her a $25 used bicycle months later. Also with the dirty details of her marriage to, as she portrays him, the bizarre and oftentimes cruel Mark Sanford. Phew !! But this woman , a mother of four is so brave n strong. Staying True isn't a book full of recriminations; it's the portrait of a smart, steadfast woman who found herself in a terrible situation. Is shes tired ? I dun think so - shes mybe tired after been attacked by a 'variety' of killing question about her marital status. But this lady also taught us to keep on moving , never look for back again altho we r too tired to overcome any situation - bcuz as a human , we will find the way out , no matter how hard or easy it would be. Determination is the main key. Sumtimes im tired - frens - stabbing me in the back. Tired of being ill - no energy - cant think. Losing my skills. Actually im "sick"- always wanted an entertainment , amusement in life - that will distract myself. Distract my study - the number one reason y i need to worry. Tired with my own 'harsh' word - appreciates the way u treat and what not, and kindly response to me if u ve dissatisfaction thru a medium that not 'kill' the people, some ppl may like it , but not me. i am sorry if my words burnt ur feeling or steer u to this, but if i came with the intention, yes, u can scold me, but believe me i am matured enough to expedite my words before. thanks for ur kindly remind me, am not angry, and again many thanks for that. - is it okay to apologies ? Guess so. Haih Mint as long it deal with a ppl for a short term, it ll heal soon. trust urself.

I’m tired of trying to make things right,i give up – I surrender,no will to fight. I’m tired of being misunderstood,

- Not on a "pity-pot," nor ranting or venting... I'm just tired

Inspiration. Women that portrays - strong , determination , Hopes & Faith , motivation. Ann - winner of America's next top model- who couldnt believe in her own abilities - ppl used to make fun of her - called her giant bcuz shes tooo tall , wearing glasses & too skinny. *those who watch ANTM cycle 15 probably knw Ann , hihi * While Oprah Winfrey - motivates women out there to be as strong as her.


U can be a strong person, get that tired feeling out of ur system. n be on the way to finding some happiness. Keep ur spirits up, it is important u do this too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cerita approved / tak approved. Approval. Blabla.

HAHAHA. Agak funny , fb , bkn MYSPACE , aku cuba mjadikan fb , not a 100% social networking. Even sum families ak sendiri , tidak diterima masuk ke fren list , WHY ? sum people might want to noe why , -menidakkan. Refused. Bkn sbb bosan , bkn sbb sombong , memilih , Wpun sbnrnya ak agak memilih kriteria seorg called "fren". Sum of 'em have been chosen bcuz i had too ! Damn ak mmg benci perkataan terpaksa , yela kalau tak app ape kate family member yg laen. Tp dun worry , altho ak agak memilih , ak rsa ak dah tetapkan sape2 yg berada dlm klompok fren list Sharmeen Sarkawi mmg yg terpilih. Those yg kicked out - opps sori anda mjengkelkan. Membenci lah ! euw~
Bnde ni muncul pas ade sorg mamat bajet hot ni dr dulu duk add add , dr dulu gakla duk kne ignored - sepanjang zaman mcmtu , kesian kau nyah- Agaknye die tak puas ati kot, lalu lah menginbox ak , soalan berbunyi ; awk ni ade mslh ke ?? Rse nye awk tak knl saya , saya pun tak knl awk , jd knp awk ssh sgt nak app saya ??- Amboi abg ni marah , siap tye soalan bodoh lg. Kwang3. DASAR DRAG QUEEN. Ko ni kan , ade rupa kacaks , tp dungu , simple - sbb ak tak knl kau. Haih.Baik punya bhsakan diri aku kau ngn die. Die reply ; "awk ingat awk cantik sgt?"- yelah kalau ak tak cantik knp ko add ak dr dulu sampai skrg pastu nk ngamuk sakan bila ak tak app ? Ke sbb ko nk stalk ak ? Motifff la ? Im sick of stalker , bkn ak ta pnh face para stalker2 murahan ni. Sum of 'em among family member sndri yg bila ak ignored , duk la add Man pulak. WTH. Perangai anda sbegitu ? Dah tade keje ? Carik keje tanak , menganggur duk kpg , isap gam. Merempit sana cni. C'mon la weh. Kok ye pon ko expert dlm bidang stalk me-nye-talk- ni , ko p carik manusia laen yg tak ksh diri d-stalk. Sbb ak mmg BENCI KALIAN. LMAO. ^^

ha-ha-ha. kelakar tgk muka sorg2 yg dah 600x add ak kat fb. Menyorok. Malu. Haha. Sori la beb , ak tak hidup dlm dunia -budak kecik- kau. Ala2 mat rempitannn. Oh no. Berperangai sket ea Leman. Sum cases , *haha* pnh jd kwn , buat taik , buat2 tak knl ,action sgt lalu dpn muka , sng saja dong , removed. Add balik ? - waiting for fren confirmation la jwpnnya. :)

Ade reason utk sume ni. Jgn anggap ak buat mcmni suddenly. Ak tak kate pon ak ni hebat sgt , sape2 yg dpt kwn ngn ak , sape2 yg diterima masuk tu bagus / btuah. HELL NO. Tp ak rse kite tade masalah yg telah tercetus / akan dicetuskan. well , bg ak cerita2 tak puas ati - ckp2 blkg ni mmg lumrah manusia. Buah mulut kate org. Its ok , asalkan tak ganggu idop ak. sORILAH ayat agak harsh. Ketakanan jiwa. Sakit hati melampau. PERANGAI.

mean girl,talking smack,shouting back,missile eyes & spitting fire

p/s ; I hate the girl who acted sweet & fun in front of guys. But when talking to me, she was a bit awkward, she wants to look cute in front of 'em , perhaps ? - thats so disgusting, so called -attention seeker- kwang3

Monday, December 13, 2010

The apples of my eyes :)