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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello great Wednesday !! the holiday is finally arrives yaww ! i would to wish everyone happy wonderful Holiday. Jgn nakal nakal yuk ! my flight is on 13th, wish is this saturday :( why m i upset ? hahah yela , sbb nti 1 week tak jumpe die, why 1 week ? Only ?thats bcuz i'll be back here on 19th nov, with my mum, nak amek jubah for convocation. Wee !

Paper ak dh pun Ended yesterday, ( lega ) tp ak preferred nk balik lambat sikit sbb besides than spend time with , nk temankn si Aja jugak , paper die habis esok , lupe la wat date ! huhu. Now only two of us left in this house , sounds creepy huh ? kind of. Tp takde apela, ramai manusia kt cni. i'll be missing him the most, i'll be missing my baby too !

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