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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

  • Convocation is finally over
  • It was fun tho , altho there's only few pictures taken , heavy rain is a main barrier. Damn its our historic day.
  • sedih kan.
  • The system is sucx , poor parents who have a long wait outside the hall. Janji pukul 12 tp enter the hall pukul 2. Babis la korg. Those yg dah tua lg kesian. Then sum parents yg berbaris lama n pjg plak pak guard tak kasi masuk with so many alasan. Fuck u pakguard. Everywhere pun same. U guys are completely a mess.
  • 5 hours in the hall. Kroih kroih zzz
  • Noisiest convocation ever - the one who gave us the certificate , i forgot who. Hehehe
  • monday - went to uitm to return the convocation robe , together with monkey from klate & Ida , went to mcd taipan , Izah n i finally met. Phew. I got the sims already.. feelin very relieved n hapy that finally I got the game , after a longgggg wait.
  • Tuesday - Im here in kuching , i didnt miss anything nor anyone here , i have few frens left. So its quite boring.
  • staying at home is the best choice. I miss the smell of my room either.
  • Will be bax to S.alam on 28th- end of this month. Wish i can have a good times with parents.
  • .. i guess my hormonal changes will strike often. Humph.
  • Will get fatter i knew that.
  • Missing my pie already. 1 month without him , swill drive me crazy.

With parents , My dad - wpun salu sgt bebel , tp ttp syg sgt2. Hopefully boleh kurangkan pasni -.- p/s ; i hope i make u proud mak & bpks.

Bless :)

New hair :)
He likes it.

How you love me like no other
The way you touch me as if I might break
How you tell me long stories that have no meaning, but you know I'll listen anyway
How you listen to me talk for hours
How you forgive me when I do wrong
The way we play stupid games, but you play anyways
How you would do anything I say * Hihihi

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