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Monday, November 22, 2010

Random latenite trashes ;

  • Im goin to cut my hair , a lil bit shorter tomorow , yaa its short now actually but for me it doesnt suit my face. Damn. I need it shorter.
  • Im about to bring mom to IKEA. Happy shop huh maaa.
  • send my baby to service center, Humph when ? Tatau lah.
  • Im uglier day by day.
  • Oh yaa ! i've bought new nichii's heels. Piccas will be uploaded in the next entry. Wait yaw !
  • I was craving for haagen dasz before , but just now i ate it. Greedily. Yummy yumm !
  • Adam Lambert , Kim Bum , Mike chang & Lee dong Wook - My fantasy hero at this moment :pp
  • i havent work out yet this week , Damn all the fat will be coming soon. Watch out !
  • Im not sure either want to keep my hair shorter for the next couple of years , but for me its good to take risk once in a while. Phew.
  • Im bored here.
  • Im stuck in my room playing Zombie vs Plant and surfin the net.. blabla.
  • I was thinking about the sims. How i wish i could have a wing to fly to izzah's house , ask her to install the gamesss. Nobody cares. Humph.
  • I love my mum :)
  • I fuckingly miss my brothers.
  • Im thinking about having a baby. Meow. * its only a random feeling people.
  • Haters are loser
  • If im a loser , i would love to be a beautiful loser.
  • ..yet im surrounded by a talented losers. Hahaahahahahahahaha.Enough.
  • Listening to Gaga.
  • Im suffering from insomnia decease.
  • Tanak memaksa. Tanak sudah , kalau nak then its a good sign.
  • What is Poke means ? there were 6 people poking me in fb.
  • im not an emo type of person , its just a small changes in my hormone system. Hormonal changes. Huhu

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