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Saturday, November 13, 2010

~ Ayuh kumpulkan bala tentera mu kerana mungkin kau tak pernah merasa mempunyai pengikut dahulu ! Ayuh !


for 21 years I lived in this nice world, I have never felt such regret. I tot my world getting nicer , but it is just the beginning of the disaster. How many years do i need to wait ? couple of months ? Another couple of years ? Lets face the fact ; YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT. keeping you in my world is my biggest decision ever. If i could turn back the clock , i would never asking you to be in my world. Enough said. You knew how to be Nice to me , for a certain period of time. No matter if its hurt , u'll knw, u'll need to face it shortly. Then u repeat the same Shits. So thank You dear.

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