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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hyelow peeps ! Im back with a new story , not a hot story , just assume it as "warm..' hee :)
  • I have cut my hair short
  • I dun care what people say , as long as im happy with the changes.
  • Td tgk wyg ngn Monyet & adik monyet yg comel , we spent our money on watching a terrible movie ; haunted changi * im thinkin to do some research regarding this film , there's a history behind this creepy place , located in singapore if im not mistaken. According to this film, they were using the actual video, the recording of a group of ghost seekers in Singapore. Yaa mmg permulaan film ni interesting sbb that creepy place mmg really scary tp makin lama makin nonsense. Too Bizzare. Over. Tak masuk akal.
  • Rupenzel & harry potter & ngangkung is sold out -.-''
  • we're having fun - took so many stupid piccas.
  • we're also playing the token-token game. Haha. What a waste.
  • Tomorrow is goin to be a hectic day , we're about to go to find a new lance for my camera ;) kinda excited. Thanks baby for ur willingness to spend ur time with my parents & i.
  • Oh yah , i bought a new shoes. ;)

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