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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

since i cant sleep , could be bcuz of insomnia i guess ? most probably. ok lah , lets talk about life ; err, i mean , randomly. yela, ak pun bkn bagus berfalsafah mcm suami yg trsyg, mybe sbb ak mmh dah dididik utk ckp direct and a little harsh. Hm. For certain people who knew me.

Ak mmg suka bkk blog org, tak kire la, tumblr pun best. Sum of 'em mmg ak knl while sum of 'em nope. But there's one girl , mmg knl , fren of mine also, juga merangkap kwn suami. Ak bkk tumblr die ni , skali baca , dh tau die mmg seorg yg sgt baek, soft spoken ( yes indeed ) , suami pun ckp bnde yg sme, die mmg baek. She's also a good listener, in a perfect word , she's great as human being perhaps. Duno why, as soon as reading her tumblr, i felt like she's lying bout her own feeling. We can hide it with our expression but sumtimes, we just cant hide it from our heart, n its written in her tumblr.

Poor girl.

We just cannot believe 100% in Love , its fade. Couple of years bercinta , sapa sangka kn, terputus di tgh jalan, yeah, maybe fade doesnt brought 'em together , n she's still Loves him ! sedih nya ! Well, ak tak tau mcm mane kalau bnde ni jadik kat ak, memandangkan ak jenis yg sgt degil, hot tempered, pale batu =.=''

That life. Benda yg kita plan , salu tak mjadik. Sume tu keje Tuhan kn, "sumtimes people that gives the greatest impact on u will stay for a short time.." . Betul kn ? tak kire la kwn ke, Bf, families. Sabar ? tu jela blh dilakukan, Bunuh diri ? jauh skali. suffer kn kalau hidup sorg2 without sumone yg kite syg ; besides than frens & families i mean. But its not a big deal for those who never be in love b4. Sbb dorg dah biasa ? Cube kalau yg dah lame couple then tiba2 clash. What a mess :(

11 months in love with him, em almost 1 year, is a great period with so many circumstances. mostly we dont remember the day, but we remember the moment. Alhamdulillah we made it. Happiest couple on earth ? tak berani nk ckp cmtu sbb Tuhan blh tarik anytime He want. Im happy with him. bkn sbb die salu try turuti kemahuan ak but, for what he is. Dulu n skrg, shows so many changes ; tak kire la dr segi fizikal ( si gemok & tembam ), but the way we used to be when we're together. Bkn nk puji Bf sendiri, hahah, but he's my bestfriends, ( selain si gile Aja Fauzi ) , the person that makes me laugh, who will kiss me on my forehead, accompany me. I will not ask to be with him forever , (bcuz for me it sounds Yecks ), but i'd rather used a word , "until the end of time.." Shweet tak ? Kurr ~ Jgnla geli geli, Biasela org kapel duh =.='' but be careful, the worst is yet to come. Damnit !

~ life is trying things to see if they work. :)

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