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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yeah as i promised b4 , im kinda interested in doin sum research about an old Changi hospital , whic is located in a small place in Singapore. I guess the Singaporean had noticed about it. Back in 193o's , it
was used as military command quarters and barracks. Oh ya , it is located in Netheravon Road in Changi village. This historic hospital equipped with world-class facilities tau tak. Well it was happened a very long time ago, even our parents still didnt exist yet. Huhu.

According to some insider sources, the abandoned Changi hosptial will remain as it is but it will be re-open for the 'public' soon during 2005 for the Army Camp or for the Officer Cadet School Trainees. Sounds scary yap ? Indeed. However, stories bout the building being haunted started in the early 40's. So it is not a new stories , n this place is abandoned too long until it let all the spirit to stay there , met a new ghost , get married , new baby ghost born n populate there. Hihi. Therefore, seeing spirits of all races and of different nationals wandering around in the compound would be a common sight. Hahahahaha. Got indian and chinese ghost too izit ? How bout the mat saleh's ghost ? they must be wearing a different costumes following the race and the nationality. I guess the indian ghost is wearing the sari thing , chinese ghost wearing cheongsam , while malay ghost will be wearing a baju kurung , Oh we r popular with the pontianak ghost , so guess our ghost will be wearing a long white dress , bloody white dress (knonnya get rapped by the soldier la..) communist ghost with headless body. Hahaha. N the prettiest ghost is of coz la the mat saleh's ghost - wearing a dress , the ropol ropol one. * advanced in make up beauty. hihi ;p

- mint stop making fun of the ghost.

Back to our story ,

If u're thinking of visiting the hospital in the hope of bumping into a spirit of any nature, go with 2 or 3 frens la i suggest. If u go beyond that, u will never see it as they r all hiding behind the window pane or the back of the door WATCHING at u. But of course, u can go there alone, however u will never find urself ALONE. Uuuu scary.

Kat sane ade mcm2 , including wards , (u can see the spirit of the doctor and nurses if u go there) , the
torture chamber (for me , this is the most frightening part of hospital) , pastu ade underground bunker - suspicious spots that very few people know about. Mmg scary. - ada yg hilang as soon as die masuk dlm lubang ni , duno lah , maybe he cant find the way out ke apa kan , police pun tak berani masuk then that guy was reported missing lah . MIA. Eaten by the ghost la tuh. haha.

the torture chamber - u can see the blood stains all over the place



The tunnel. ee.

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  1. hahahaha...!! perey..! pasal hantu berbilang kaum ya nang x bley blahh..~hahhahaha...! xD