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Friday, December 10, 2010

I want to make a conclusion ; I'm not afraid to criticize, and criticized by others. Aku dah biasa mengeluarkan statement pedas dan annoying. I duno , i have no idea , Im just NOt AFRAID. i'll be 22 on 24th January , for me its time to wake up. I noe exactly where i stand. Bukan ssh sgt , yap yap agak susah , being disliked by others - i never pretend to be 'sumthing' that im not , this is the real world , n im not a lil girl anymore. I just keep on goin. I noe exactly who i am. Peralihan usia ?

Mungkin itu one of the factor ; Mint kau blagak dewasa skrg - "u anak bongsu , sampai bile2 pon parents u akan see u as anak bongsu tu.." - yes , that is what i want to avoid in LIFE. Mak loves me , dady's too , but why seems like only mak believe in my abilities. -.-'' I am so sorry for being too harsh sumtimes , i can be like too rough n mean - believe me everything that i just said ; is true. Im being honest to u. Sumtimes life is a bitch. Kite ppuan n please - act like a real woman. Man - act like a real man. I learned , being weak is idiot - too weak too win , too hopeless to fight. *even i fought with my damn ex almost everyday* , damn im just too afraid too ---- what do we call..................what u already understand is awkward stuff, and hit a new high...GO OUT N BE, something for someone- I feel like a really want to be a good person, n i try, but im always misunderstood, n i do so many things to prove im a bad person, people cant see the good anyway. Its not on purpose, i think there is some part of me that is missing.


I'm a mean girl
Talking smack
Shouting back
Missile eyes
Spitting fire

I'm a mean girl
A kick in the chin
I fight to win
Tiny as can be
Sting like a bee

I'm a mean girl
No in between
I say what I feel
Holding resentment
For bad treatment

I'm a mean girl
An elbow in the ribs
I tell no fibs
Leave me alone
I will not fold

I'm a mean girl
I do not listen
Hear the reasoning
Too worked up
To shut up

I'm a mean girl
Being provoked
Right or wrong
Like a wolverine
I'm just mean

  • This is who i m,
  • This is what i want to be.
  • No matter what anybody tells me.

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