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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

is it fair
for us to like someone that has always annoyed us? then sumtimes we have too , n we.. might have too. Need too. Sumtimes we need to push ourselves. For the sake of ... maybe i should keep this as a secret. Do u ever feel the same ? Hating sumone so much , we're just too afraid to lose sumone bcuz of another 'sumone' ? Ehm maybe i should add more 's' at the back. yah i noe being a hater is useless but i just cant help myself from hating that person , for me , that moron is a real intruder. But what else can we do tho ? instead of letting that person slowly bring us the damages. Moreover , my bf told me that i shouldnt let any devil element 'dominate' us. Then what to do huh ? Im stuck here in my own perception. Perception towards that group of moron. * is it too cruel for 'em to b classified in that way ? * i got no clue. Please find me an actual meaning of that word gross. Blurgh. M sorry. my hormonal changes is striking again. I duno why it strikes too often lately.
Im not sure either i should change my own perception. Thats the biggest challenge for me now , since i told u guys earlier that m stuck in my own perception , 'to reconcile my own -me-' u guys understand ? i didnt mean to be too cliche here. HAHA. what m trying to say here is - the moron - its unspeakable what they've done. Its hard for me to change my perception. N of course , its not a 'friendly' perception. It is more with sumthing that we would love to similize with trash ? shit ? Asshole ? Sorry m talking shit again.
Have you ever faced a situation when you had to? physically defend yourself? Not that into ' physically' , 'mentally' is quite okay hahaha. but seriously , i was just defending myself i swear .. m not violent , not even with my words .. sorry again. Have u ever faced a situation where u have to mingle wif sumone u .. err .. uncomfortable to coexist with 'em ! yah thats the word. huhu -.-'' What can i do ? Maybe i will just.. go with my own gut. Bye. Then stop judging me. its stupid.

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