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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ergh actually ak malas nak post ape2 entry since im not in a good mood , 2 days left in Sarawak make my heart full with ... :'( Berat hati. Tanak balik dulu. Segalanya indah kat umah ni , yes sumtimes aku btekak ngn bapak ak hahaha. But it doesnt mean i hate him. No ! Mane boleh ak bnci darah daging sndri , person yg lahirkan ak ke dunia ni. Hahahaha. Its juz , again - hormonal changes between us both , teenager turned to adult & Adult that having a monopouse. HAHAHAH. Love you dady. Sorry for everything. Ur daughter duno how to keep her mouth shut. Broadband baru ok today , before ni just on9 dgn hp , tu pun ak baru dpt tau crdt kne cut almost rm1o. Holly shit. I was so mad. Mati2 ak ingatkan free -.-'' so i juz spent my time on playing sims , dah 3 keturunan Rahman ak maen. Yay. Today is sunday. Yah malaysia maen kan arini ? Gudluck malaysia , altho im not a huge supporter who will scream , buy a ticket n watch, im still proud that our country has made it to the final. Bravo ! - hormonal changes strikes again- ye mmg tgh membara. atas sbb2 tertentu ak rahsiakn. Ye ? HIhi :) hell yeah , sem 4 ! Mcm babi weh tension kot. Mmg totally a hell sem for me , everyday i guess. DEar frens , really need a supports from u guys. im down right here. Gudlcuk for me. Bila ak takley nak on9 , so mcm2 bnde asing ak buat. Tmasuklah selongkar balik gmbr2 lame , n tgk. sum of the hidden photos ak jumpe balik. HAHA memories.

- with nina & Aja. During our masscom dinner.

Shoot by Adrina leong & edited by hazman. Tq guys, great job. Love it tremendously.

Taken by Alif chappati / kopi. If im not mistaken. Forgot already. HAHA.

this is what we called - the poyoness. I hate holding it since it was too heavy. -- wondering how the cameraman hold it everyday.

Diploma. :) group assignments. Interviewed people blablabla & acting in vc. HAHA. duno why they picked me. Jimat kot. haha

Queen of my heart. My backbone. My love. My sunshine. Allah greatest gift. This photo taken on her surprise bday party. Hihi. everyone was unprepared for it. see my face. Ugly.

levelmates & 2010 housemates. Loves.


HAHAHAH. Yoe ; Jay manuel.

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