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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Olrite , jum kite tgk cartoon !

Hihi ;) hell yeah its actually my Sims , im workin hard on it , everyday. i play it every second of my life nowadays , til i got this very massive back pain for facing the laptop for too long. Haihs. I have soooo many characters here , starting from the Ryan's family , n from two character , its now growing up til 10 people , bcuz of too much people to b taking care of so i need to move sum of 'em to another place. Haha. im gettin bored playing 'em bcuz they did the same things everyday , - bladder , take shower , go to work , woohoo n try a baby , - ive let 'em to do the devil things - such as flirt with other sims , n the flirt things spread among the family members itself. HAHAHA. Baru lah different kan ? Hihi. i ignored Ryan's n create another family , this time using my own name, together with my prince's name , then born RAHMAN'S FAMILY. Hihi. Im very careful when playing it bcuz i consider myself inside there, haha , anything they do will effect my feeling here ! haha. Same goes with how to control my man , i wont let him flirt with other bitch bcuz hes MARRIED. Haha. i need to control each of the character carefully. Dayummm ! its fun tho :) its good !- trains us to think whats best for our family n at the same time avoid us to neglect other bad desires. Keduniaan itu semua. Chewah ! Hihi :p

Heres some pics i took :)

This was the 1st family but now being neglected. hahaha. Consist of 10 people.

.. n this is the latest one ; Rahman family. Perasan kan ? hihi.

- My bungalow construction progress. Hihi.

See our hair ? exactly the same rite ? hehe

Err censored ! Haha , c'mon its just a game , they're doin nothin bsides than sleep together , nama pun spouse kan. haha

- see ? Even my boy can cook here. Haha. Very different from the real world. He only can cook rice. He let me cook for him most of the time. i pampered him too much i guess , *hehe * but in this game , let me teach u how to cook sayang. Hahaha.

- Can u read that ? the culinary skills abound ! Well done syg :)

- looking good - he loves to sleep in a real world , dayumm. ;p

i can cook - as always hehe

Fun !

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