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Saturday, December 11, 2010

i have loadsssss of ghost stories to be shared. Sumtimes these stories sounds like jack ripper movies for me , Huhu. Alright , Karak Highway really got lots of ‘weird’ story. But this story quite different from what i heard ;

- it gives me goosebump. Err !!!!

-I know I’ve blogged about an incident about the infamous haunted Karak Highway but this one is a story that has been told to me over numerous times by different people of different background levels. Most of the time the stories about Karak Highway varies, afterall, its an urban legend! But this is one story that I find creepy but at the same time hard to believe. You be the judge.

It was late at night when a young couple and their baby was travelling in a car along the Karak Highway. They were trying to get home, like the rest of the other Malaysians because it was nearing festive season. And like the many other Malaysians, they choose to travel at night to avoid the traffic jam and also the heat of the sun when noon gets in the way.

As they were travelling along the lonely stretch of Karak Highway, suddenly, the car gave a sudden jerk and started making weird noises. The husband was fairly surprised because he remembered to check the car before travelling long distance to ensure the safety of his family. Soon, they had no choice but to stop by the roadside. The husband got out of the car to check the car engine while his wife and baby was waiting in the car. After a few minutes, he came back and reported that he could not see anything wrong and tried starting the car again. However, the car just would not budge. At loss, the husband made a difficult decision to either wait until another car comes along or walk to the nearest phone booth.

Not wanting to leave his family behind, they waited. After some 20 minutes or so, the highway remained quiet. The husband wondered why was there such calmity on the highway when festive celebrations are just around the corner. Perhaps it was due to the late night, he thought to himself. After what seemed like eternity, the husband decided to take the second option.
Advising his wife to lock the doors and take care, he left them behind with a heavy heart. His wife, on the other hand, watched her husband walk away with worries on her mind. She prayed hard that someone would eventually notice their stalled car and offer help. She was also worried that accidents might happen.

Hours passed by and soon she started getting even more worried. She was worried something might happen to her husband. Worried, she fought with herself over if she should just keep on waiting or leave the car behind and look for her husband. But where should she start looking? In the end, she decided to get out of the car to stretch her legs. As soon as she came out of the car, she realized that something was staring at her from behind. As she turned, she saw the bodiless head of her husband with his eyes and mouth wide open as if in shock staring back at her. Til this day, no one has found the remains of his body.

  • well actually i heard about this scary story b4 , but it has a different version , sum says the wife and police sees a pontianak eating the flesh of the husband at the end- yaa which is hard for me to believe.
  • Were the policemen speaking of the truth? They seemed to be serious about this pontianak case.
N this is the other version;

I heard the same version like earl-Ku..but some other points added:

1) It was in early 70′s
2)the couple was an indian husband and wife
3) Happened somehere around Genting Sempah.
4) the police are from the GOF ( General Operation Force, a half military police for or what Malaysian called as Jungle Squad or PPH back then)
5)before the police came, there was a loud bang ,like something fall on the car roof but the lady was so afraid to go out and check it out.
6) there were some cars passing by..and the cars keep honking and flashing the beam whenever they passed her car.
7) the police arrived and shot something on the car roof. and then using loud speaker to ask the lady to come out and dont look back.As the lady safely reached the police jeep, she turned around and saw her dead body of her hubby (with head) with tormented sratch and most of his internal abdomen were scattered on car roof.’s some different version about the ending: The police said, they saw…

Version 1:
- A Banshee ( Pontianak) was eating her hubby on the car roof

- A big hairy-furry humanoid creature, like a werewolf ,just with a pair of wing…was eating her hubby on the car roof.

i dunno which version is real but i did asked my uncle , who was a police recruit back then and he also heard about the story ,passed over by his instructor and seniors.He said, the most told is the banshee version.

  • And lastly, i remember ‘Mastika’ , (a Malay Magazine that resembled Readers Digest) did cover the story about this.They had interviews with some veteran policemen who actually were at the scene and involved in the investigation of the case..but not single one of them want to share and exposed the ending.It’s like a really big confidential case and no one in the police department dare to open their mouth.. X-file, perhaps? >__<
  • i heard d same story from my mom…spooooooky…

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