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Monday, December 20, 2010

malam ni ctr lebih sket boleh ? Hihi , dah lame tak update blog since ak duk guna streamix je , leceh gila nk psg wayar tu wayar nih , bb tak bayaq g sbb bos traveling... Huhu. So ak habiskan masa dgn maen sims , smpai skrg dah branak pinak family Rahman & Mint , Hehe. Skrg Alan dah besar , grw up veru well , married to solvieg. huhu rusian girl. She's now 1 month pregnant. :) So happy. Harini ak spent my whole day hanging out with Dylaaaaa :) mcm biase ktorg ke Spring , -.-''' kat ctu nothing so just tgk wayang - at first nak tgk Repunzel tp lambar sgt so ktorg tgk MY SOUL TO TAKE.

Horror: Seven small-town teenagers find their lives in danger 16 years to the day after they were born and when a local serial killer either died or disappeared.

im melting inside GOSH !!!!!!!
Help meee !!!

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