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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Are you ready?
Hell Yah
The way you think of me
i am described as a jealousy
You think u've got it bad

I can play rough.

Im sittin here lookin out this window wonderin if anythings wrong, wonderin if anythings possible, i dont know whats goin on.
Your messin up everything now your in my heart, and soul.
Do you feel the same, or is this one of your games?
You look at me i smile i look at you, you frown.
Its almost as if my world is up side down.
Giggles and laughes for you.
Tears and sorrow for me.
I dont know what to do.

what gives you the right to judge me, in things that I say and do?
i am who i am...

Doesn't mean I'm bitchy as you censured&
Your opinions and views may vary
However the truth is visible, really!
I may always be the eye catcher
And may sometimes be a go–getter

So just shut up and wait for my trashes
And be content of what you have.

I am happy with who I am, I like being the real me!
Our world has frequent consistency,
Unlimited changes in its kinds,
Now wouldn‘t the world be a dull place
If you look precisely like me?! Come to think of it!
I‘m sorry if you think it isn't fair but I‘m glad God made me what I should be...and that‘s all i care!
so don‘t call me bitch if your boyfriend got you ditched

To my baby ;

So many little things that make me love you so much.
The way you support me, and help with my emotions,
The way that you care and show such devotion.


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