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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ooo. look at Him ;) Harry Shum Jr~ the cutest guy alive!

Vital Stats

Full Name : Harry Shum Jr.

Nickname : Jyve

Birthdate : April 28, 1982

Birth Place : Limon, Costa Rica

Current Residence : Burbank, CA

Height : 5'11

Eye Color : Brown

Weight : 155lbs

Hair Color : Black

Siblings : Susana, 27; Cristina, 28


TV Shows : The Simpsons, Friends, Smallville

Movies : Goodwill Hunting, Back to the Future, Swingers, Chasing Amy

Actor/ress : Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise

Music Artists : John Mayer, Usher, Frank Sinatra, Thicke, Bobby Darin

Color : Coffee

do me a favor, MARRY ME PLEASE!!


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