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Friday, June 25, 2010

Arini exhausted , letih sgt. bgn tdo je pale dh pening. damn. woke up early just to make sure the cat is eating or not. * dady cook for 'em every morning * i do not talk much today. -__-" there's sumthing bothering me. shitt what a mess. there's sumthing wrong with the remote control & i cant watch tv 4 the whole day. damn i spent my time on reading horror novels. fall asleep after that.

Lihat hp, ade 5 new msges. From mag, shira, then mag again.. mag again. then mag again & the last 1 is from my boy kevin.

mag: bitch come to my house. yuk yuk

mag: mint?? where r u whore!

shira: mint, apa mcm plannin bfoya foya? join me n eddy ;)

mag: fuck. reply me or else i'll kill u!

kevin: we've been looking for u slut. there's sumthing we need to discus

me replayin.. : im here, sory, just oke up. feeling sick

mag: i'll fetch u. get ready

Short pant with korean shirt. ok kalau ak pakai mcmni org akan tau ak slekeh & moody. Sorry dear mag. kene mrh ngn ak. haha. sapa soh dtg awal sgt, x sempat nk keringkan rmbut. damn You! ok Fine, kwn2 laen ade d sne, sume maki hamun ak dtg lmbat n bgn tdo lmbat. mane ade lmbt, gua bgn awl ok, tetdo balik je. ^_^

plan nk picnic ea? unfortunately ak sgt bz tis weekend. i was thinkin to spend my weekend at the saloon doin facial.. hair treatment, spend time with parents, pack ol the belonging, cook with mum. watching tv with dady. playin with cats. hu too much.

So if u guys read this, sorry sorry sorry for not being able to go picnic with you guys :(

ok merayau sorg2 di shopping complex. belek kasot belek dress. tp xde mood nk beli. mmg slekeh la Sharmeen Sarkawi today. mkn jagung then tgn kiri pgg dutch lady milk. omaggaddd. tis is not me!

-__-" damn Not Good!

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