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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ok degree. boleh jd lg matang pasni? hope so. awl2 dh mgeluh sbb apply ptptn tp sgt complicated. esp 4 those who having probs with the system. sum can get thru while sum stil struggling lg. i was the one who struggling to get thru the website which is sgt ssh. borang penangguhan akn d send by tomorow. hopefuly sume ok. tukar course, adei. yg ni takut sgt.. ak nak advert, plz gimme tat major! i wanted advert! Pr pon ske tp is it bcuz influence dr abg ak? ha agak r :( jgnla kompius dh mint. make a choice. jgn simply rembat nti myesal. mcm2 dlm pale otak skrg ni,hapy sbb nk balik shah alam + sad sbb tgglkn syurga ni. i'll miss getin up late. miss homemade cook. Gosh im cryin. whose goin to cook for mum n dad. whose goin to prepare the hot tea every afternoon. whose goin to talk to mum, give her any tips to dinner.. whose goin to accompany her at the kitchen. whose goin wash all the dishes. whose goin to make 'em laugh. whose goin to laugh with her. ........

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