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Saturday, June 26, 2010

the photographer. HAHAHAHA

Food paradise. ohh i love fatty food. [ ignoring diet activities ] have spent money with junk food. watching KARATE KIDS.

haihs. byk bnde happened cuma ak mls nk type. im not in a good mood. tis pic was taken yesterday, -eat greedily. inappropriate & looks like hunger was taking control over me.

Eron. she's my cousin. penat die lyn ak yg non stop taking pitchas. hahak. really dun have a clue -
why I looked so pale in this photo??

Taken 2 days ago at the hospital. she's my niece. Alisya. suffering from fever, the causes of the infection is remain undiscovered

Today : accompanying mom to her office doin work. workin on sunday? guess its a routine for her. make lotsa cash? ask my mom. interfere with my extreme boredom. wat else? spent time reading the horror novel. " SIAPA YANG MENEGUR TADI", took pictures. webcam-ing. damn its cold here, im freezing. keputusan to take off the sweater is my biggest mistakes.

ignore me. its another element of boredom. im shitting over myself. no entertainment here. only drugs available, its mom's fav toysss.

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