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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


types of thinking
might have also thought that you can't grow new brain cells (neurons) once you reach adulthood. Whether or not that is true (the decision is still out) does NOT really matter. ... The secret to a lively brain is NOT your number of neurons -- it is the diversity of interconnections between those neurons. ... an unusual supply of interconnections is NOT inherited. No one is born with such a brain -- it is created. ... Your brain follows the same rule as your muscles -- use it or lose it. Unused neural interconnections actually shrink and die. But if you engage in regular mental workouts, those interconnections then expand and strengthen.
is an extremely intelligent man, but in some ways he was using his own intelligence against himself. The problem was that when Randall did have those brief moments of true connection, he immediately went into his mind to try to figure out how it happened. The moment he went into his mind, he lost the connection that he so desperately desired. The reason Randall went into his mind was that, as much as he wanted the joy of deep spiritual connection, he wanted something even more than that - control over that connection.
WexlerJust like exercising to condition your muscles, your mind also works best if it is challenged frequently with creative thinking exercises.
MetzkerWhat was the secret of Pellerin’s success? Dozens of other people at NASA had high IQs and world-class technical knowledge... What made him persist until the Hubble telescope was fixed when others felt overwhelmed by the challenge? His mind perceived reality differently. He reframed the situation as an unfinished project, not a failed one.
Stress sets into motion the body’s fight or flight response, pouring cortisol into the body and eventually exhausting the adrenal glands. Adrenal exhaustion can be one of the results of so much negative thinking.... Moving out of negative thinking is a process that takes time.
neuroscientists claim that genius-level mental functioning is primarily all about the ever-changing maze of interconnections among your neurons (brain cells.) The scientific evidence is this: The more you stimulate and challenge your brain, the more connections it is forced to create so that your neurons can communicate with each other. And the more interconnections you have between your neurons, the closer you move toward genius-level creativity and thinking.
the Psychology of Optimal Experience" and a number of related books, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced me-high chick-sent-me-high) says we can facilitate the conditions for this quality of optimal functioning, and that it may be found in a wide range of careers and activities.
One sense of this word "ego" is a distorted self-regard, what psychologist Carl Jung referred to as "inflated consciousness... hypnotized by itself." Many people recognize the need to modulate this kind of ego in order to facilitate the creative process. And there are other, more internal and subtle aspects of consciousness that help create the more external kinds of "ego" behavior, and that may interfere with access to creative awareness.
Want a fast way to get creative? Stop thinking! Most of what we call "thinking" is simply labeling. We're repeating old tapes in our head. This type of thinking is not creative, and there's no way to access our true creativity from this mindset.
Association for Psychological ScienceWhen people are made to think quickly, they report feeling happier as a result. They also say they are more energetic, more creative, more powerful, and more self-assured. In short, they reported a whole set of experiences associated with being "manic."

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