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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


juz finished watching the biggest loser asia..1st season n its also our first chance to lose weight.sonok tgk dorg competing each other.huuu..being overweight is sumthing tat i cant imagine.i was obsessssss! completely.totally.100% so stress out in a maintain my body figure. kalau ade lemak2 sket pon dh..aiyo..spoil my day..its unfortunate tat my dad is a very good "chef" at home.unfortunate?hehe.kind of =p sory fav food?of food! im a very loyal customer wat..n its contained a bunch of calories inside.aniway,dady's food is always the best..huuu. i have to be fit! exercises is my bestfren nowadays. i cycled everyday. :) its gud to be in shape again. in a sexy way.roarrrrr! i still have a longlong way to go.

dpd ape yg kite tgk..contestant yg took part in this competition,dorg ni have a very succesful carier. some works as a manager..paramedic..or even teacher.but when it comes to food,bkn stakat dorg,yg kurus pun lemah.tats y kite often met sumone so thin but unhealthy. high blood preasure..high colestrol in their blood.*ko mkn minyak ker..* bdn?lg skinny dr tiang lampu..

when i asked wat should those who suffered from the high colestrol,my dad kept teasing me.."eat meat a lot la lots of seafoods..prawn.." *sounds so yummy btw* n we laughed together.. my mum pon starts la bg ceramah mls nk bsenam bkn apa..lack of energy.lazy.bsenam sket kang breathless.stamina x kuat.tats y sng dpt penyakit.simple.

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