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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Smells gud,feels gud =)

~im not sure what happened today s i "received" so many gift from my mum.yeah!big mama juz gave me bottles of perfume.*i was wondering why..* she was looking at me n smiled.*i cant fathom what she erupted when she saw the perfume in her bed..yummyyummy! its the eau de perfum!*garugaru pale.blurblurrr.*

~iklan..asal ak cam nk mkn hotdog wif mustard?kurr..

"another two weeks to go's story"~meet me halfway <3 oke.another 2 weeks to go means...ade 2 bnde..1 campus nk bkk n lg 1 ak jumpe Man.yeah!tu yg far,Man lg penting dpd campus skrg ni.sounds crazy but who cares?dier buat ak bsmgt nk blik ksian gak..kne la dier ngn pangai-monyet-ak en.."ye la..monyet duk jerit2 name i tu sharmeen sarkawi la..mmg la i nmpk dr jauh an syg.." &*^%$ glr dier ckp ak monyet..ak tau r pangai ak ade iras2 brok monyet babun ckit tp yg sdhnye dier mengiyakan jer???sayang i hate u!~awww.

ak siap jnji ngn dier nk blogging luah pasaan hepi tu ape yg tjd adalah..

mint:xpe2 i blogging luah pasaan

man:lor..da dari td bloging buat ape je ni syg?ke main fb je nie haa..

mint:hehehe x mule g laa..u bile nk on9 syg?*amek at

man:tunggu kakak i je ni..da pandai on9 sorg2 ye..*ayat ni sentap dow coz ak yg set the rules yg ktorg kalau nk on9 sila besama2 ea.skali ak breaking the rules.bkn ape..xthn nengok fb.ahaha.sori bayi!

jom nyanyi! lagu ni seswai ngn mood ak skunk ni..pergh.jiwanggg

I can't go any further then this
I want you so badly, it's my biggest wish

Cool, I spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you
Every single day yes, I'm really missin' missin' you
And all those things we use to use to use to do
Hey girl, what's up, it use to used to be just me and you
I spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you

SAYANG Can you meet me halfway,
right at the boarderline
That's where I'm gonna wait, for you
I'll be lookin out, night n'day
Took my heart to the limit, and this is where I'll stay
I can't go any further then this
I want you so bad it's my only wish

p/s: haa.tis is my son,freddie.take a gud care of him! kalau koto sket siap u

3hb! wait for me!

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