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Monday, December 21, 2009

hell yeah..i got style watttt! ;p

basically i love to wear sumthing tat can fit to my body..nicely..wearing it wif no mum always tought me to be careful wif my sense of fashion.*jgn sexy sgt*but lately she seems so "quiet"..juz watching wat clothes tat im goin to put on my body.for me fashion is a fateful decision,which is need us to consider the effect brought by the clothes tat we wear..n its a number one weapon of attraction. wat we wear is so important s it will portray our personality,our image..sumtimes kite kne lupe the terms "comfortable"..yea..tats happened nowadays.. well..xde sape nk time bile org ckp hey u dress like a minah rempit.. its mybe her style but people refused to accept it.its "euwwwww..."btw, the terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" were employed to describe whether someone or something fits in with the current or even not so current, popular mode of expression..

.i love to wear a maxi dress.

dulu ske gak pakai mini dress where we can simply matched it wif legging or short..or even a skinny jeans


Going anywhere wif maxi dress is preferable to staying home wif a mickey mouse shorts n "hari aids sedunia" tee

Cantek kn?my mum even said i could kep the dress until i get married n pregnant."multy purposes dresses"..dushh..c'mon mum its sexy..seductive n simple!.."oh yeaaa",mu mum said.

HAIR?argh people know me wif a fringe.its not a taiwan's hairstyle nor japanese la machaaa..i love the emo's hairstyle..the difference is i didnt wear a thick eye liner..tas it.ishh.its bcoz my face is a chinese look it doesnt mean tat i need to follow the "cinapet.." style..xdelaaa.*BUKAN SAMA SEKALI* bile lalu dpn kedai cina org salu jer ckp,"hey tats ur shop..kedai cina bukit.." WTFFF.pfftttt

see?dr kecik lg dhda fringe.noe wat,my face look muj beter wif fringe.

emo style.bile rambut ak mcm ni,org bkn tgk emo but cina bukit.wth.

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