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Thursday, December 24, 2009

love & obstacles

A relationship is not just connecting on a physical level, that would just be meaningless and wont last long.

Yes-yes, to a certain point it is and that emotionally and physically feelings should be balanced. But when you and your partner come to a point when after just liking each other you begin to feel and care for each other that you can never do for anyone else, than will you understand just how much that person means to you.

A feeling like that can never be replaced by just physical looks or anything else like that.Even in a relationship, you will not only begin to understand the other person better but you will also begin to understand yourself, and all the little habits that might annoy the other person, or make them happy.

The longer you’re with each other, the more you begin to adapt to each other and this doesn’t just happen immediately, it takes time for something like this to happen. The person also becomes someone you can really confide in, but don’t forget about your friends around you though. They are important too!

i had learned tat the most important thing in relationship is ~being matured n tolerate~tats wat my bf n i practic everyday.stop accusing each other n so forth.urghh BABY I LOVE U TOO MUCH..! he's a very kind hearted man wif a very wonderful love.tats the power of love.

intruder?ni mmg perkara biase dlm relationship.i dun really give a damn. *pegi mampos kau*

Through a relationship, i begin to grow more mature (hopefully) at handling issues, be it good or bad..gud in handling my hot tempered.

OUR UPCOMING MOVIES!~avatar.adoiiii da lme nk tgk,tp sbb dh promised nk tgk ngn Man maka ak thn dulu.adussh.lme nk tunggu 3 hb ni.sabar mint sabar!

lessons that i learn from "slow talk" activity:

  1. dpt longgarkn nerve blkg tengkok ak yg dr td tegang jer

  2. dpt dgr sore dier..* order to make things better,dier mstila kne kol n ajak ak slow talk* :p

  3. when he spoke in calm in a very calm n swit voice,it makes my world ... ! :D i feel like 3 year old girl asked for a lolypop

  4. yea of coz,things get much juz split of sec. im the fire n he's the water.roarrr!

  5. grow more mature :) no *childishchildish anymore laaa*

  6. decrease my blood presure ;)

  7. being a gud listener is important as it will kep u n ur partner in a gud condition when having a crisis.


read the lyric,its my expression =)

boy, you`re every breath I take

baby,Your love rules every move I make

baby,And I know that you can`t read my mind

And baby, maybe I

Don`t say it as often as I should

But I really want it to be heard

When I say I love you that`s for good

You have my word

That day after day after allI will always be true

That`s a promise I make to you

You, you take this heart of mine

And make it better

I need you to

Come and walk with me through this life Forever
And I know these words are long over due
And baby, maybe I

I may hold you....I may need you....I may want to =)

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