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Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm missing him. Every single little things that we did. i just.. miss him so so so much.

Just finished cooking our dish for today, or actually 1 of our dishes today besides than fish, *daddy didnt cook it yet, its too early he said, so he's just happily spending his free time on lounging on sofa n listening to lite * easy. What a day haa pak.. usually its difficult for my dad to believe in sumone's ability to cook, as he always told us that he's a good cook! Yah its true. haha. Not that my mum dont know how to cook well but she's just defeated by my dad's mouth! haha fierce mouth, "not a big deal," mum said :) kerenah org tua kan? haha. so by letting me cooked today is sumthing extra ordinary, has happened to my dad, well actually its just a simple dish. so tadaaaa! i've done my terung masak sambal! the sambal made from udang kering, chili and oyster sauce. so its quite ez. hahahahaha. hey tp jgn pandang rendah! I can cook, my bf loves to eat my daging masak kicap. hahahahaha.

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