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Thursday, June 9, 2011

i was stunned when i saw this vid clip on you tube! Ak tak tau lansung psl bnde ni altho ak one of the greatest pengkrtik ttp artis2 Msia. hahaha. Oh my! shah jaszle?! what r u doin here baby? u should come n see me :DD dpd apa yg ak dpt tau, this terrible vid clip adalah directed by Gambit Saifullah, Oh my .. another sizzling msian actor.. wrong step Gambit, u r so wrong this time. Without thinkin about what the audience akan fikir? Oh u made a wrong decision :) look Gambit, we are not 100% blaming u for producing such "incredible" music clip, but do realize , this is MALAYSIA. Kita amalkan budaya timur wey :) kau terpelajar kan? Kalau tak takdelah duk speaking london je kat tweeter kan? ngeh3. its not cool at all gambit! Kau tu public figure. Enough said. By producing this kind of product, u r ruining ur own carrier, cuba fikir betul2, ada byk music clip dr barat yg d-banned dr memasuki msia, kalau yg mcm ni? well unless u have the edited version la kan :) Jgnla mrh org bg teguran.. People are going to talk about you, you can't stop that..You just have to be that strong person and know who you are so that stuff just bounces off :)

p/s ; tak faham knp ppuan tu harus mendedahkan bhagian boobs sebelah kiri, hihi.. ur assets is not that hot .. it is more to .. sumthing like we call - effin creepy. hahahaha. N u dont have to dress like a hooker to get the attention from the listeners bcuz here in msia, we love to see sumone like Ana Raffali n yuna to be in a music clips. U r not lady gaga to wear that goldy ugly outfit n u r not beyonce say to wear that lingerie like she did in Halo, plus she have a clean armpit though :) luckily u have a powerful voice, n luckily u r not muslim as well. so its up to her, just sumtimes we need to consider about so many aspects, including the moral aspects as a singer who wish to stay longer in this industry. although u r not muslim, wear sumthing nice to see. U r good song writer, n u can go far with that amazing talent.

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