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Saturday, June 11, 2011

.Loving you, its easy cuz ur beautiful.

I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me

it hasn't been long since I last saw you my dear,
But to me it feels as long as five hundred year.

To see your smile is to see the divine :)

I love that you get along with my family and friend

I love the fact that when I'm around you I can be myself and not worry
about what you may think of me, because I know you love me for who I am.

No matter what my faults may be.

..hearing you tell me your stories, you could tell them to me a thousand
times, and I will never get tired of them, because they are a part of you, AND IT HAPPENED EVERY DAY, EVERY NIGHT. HAHAHAHA :D

thanks for everything syg

..has made my life so beautiful.

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