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Friday, April 8, 2011

Hey long time no see :)

Lame kot tak blogging, since it was so hectic here in Shah Alam, Ive got so many things to be shared to u guys, But tak semua la since there is a spy in my life, "prohibiting" me from talking shit towards others, tak kire la itu benda @ manusia @ haiwan. Rase mcm public figure plak kan? harharhar. Bile last ak post sumthing kt blog ni? Tak hengat la. Rasenye kat kch kot, b4 start sem? Guess so. From A-Z. not everything ran smoothly, ade jgk belok2 ny. Cume yg less important tu, eloklah kalau kite put in the bottom. Right? From asaimen, frenships, feelings, class, foods, body, bucks & hair n blablabla. M stress.

Asaimens - definitely ssh nk bwk byk subjek but what to do? Follow the flow. Kdg2 bosan hari2 masuk class, ATTENDANCE ptg weh, nothing is crucial than that. Follow what the lect's wants, kdg2 ssh, tp no choice. nk markah? Sila ikut. Well tade istilah kipas -mengipas dlm idup ak, just try my very best, altho sumtimes when there is sumthing bad happen tho. I cant convince everyone what i am capable of - if u see it then u will know, u noe its hard to please other, its hard to built a trust, hard to keep other's mouth shut. Hard to tell others that we're not okay most of the time, but i must say that m good in hiding my feelings, either it will end up smoothly or not. JUST FOLLOW THE FLOW. That's exactly the reason I keep pushing myself further and further because once I reach my goal of whatever it is, I need to set another one. If you had know me 4 years ago you would have seen a completely different person than today...And 2 years from now I will be completely different from today still. Do not judge me. Frenship, Blablabla, i dun really have a nice frens. I dun really need a bestfriend since i learned, Dorg selalu tade kat sebelah time susah. Teringat kata2 lect, Jgn ade kwn baek, ckpla ade kwn2 biasa. Yes indeed- sbb kwn2 biasala yg akan tlg kite time susah. Kalau cmtu, ramaila yg akan tlg ak nti. Hihi. Feelings - i dun really care- m free to do anything. i've gained 3 kgs - frankly- not caring a bit. haha. ak ngn man, okayla- we're together for 1 year, 4 months & 3 days - today. We often fought, we're almost break up, we screamed at each other, pinched each other, get bruises everyday, mad at each other - we laughed together, we talked about others together, talking crab about sumone else then laughed about it HAHAHA. - everytime we went to cinema, sit on the floor like homeless n start our observation. Who cares tho? Sitting on the floor doesnt mean u have no money! Heheh. Go die with such mentality. You wear branded stuff but you only got 2 bucks in wallet. haha. You're not different from a homeless actually. Everyone is talking about "bieber fever" nowadays - entahla, bg ak, die tu mcm budak sekolah menengah yg BARU NAK UP. hahaha sorry gals. I duno what so special bout him - "soft" kiddo voice, Ugly hairdo & --- boast, show off... brag - FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Suke hati ak nk ckp ape, okay? foods - the more money i received every week, the more kg i have gained- simple hypothesis telling everything. Now sgt stress memikirkan how to be in shape again. =.='' alangkah kechiwa nya bile semalam went to mac n asking for an Ipad 2 then mamat tu ckp - "october baru keluat kak"- dhla panggil ak kakak, buat ak rasa tua, bg plak berita sedih kt ak, so kene la tunggu until next sem then buy it. shit. 1 week to study week. Wondering what to do in in 4 months =.=''

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