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Monday, April 11, 2011

1) I Love You. Always

2) and the girl who makes me realized how important life is, n what would it be if i was in that situation, where the only transportation that connecting me to the other place is just a small boat. - aborigine lives around me etc. then the only place where i can meet with my frens is the only small shop selling basic groceries & junk foods. No shopping complex, nothing, just a scary river, a place to swim n play with fren, school as a playground, walking without shoe is nothing peculiar in this place. I love being there - enjoyed every single moment of it - love the food - jantung pisang masak lemak with salted fish, ayam masak kicap, kpg fried rice - cleaning the mosque, finding an insects together, swimming .. Kpg seri pagi - have what it takes to change me. Spoiled brat. Knowing this girl - Ehm what more can i say.I miss 'em.

3) My baby.

4) Gila durian.Hantu durian.Kaki durian.

5) M craving for this lovely chocolate cake with a combination of vanilla + Chocolate ice cream on top of it. Its not that expensive - only 5 bucks - Vivo. Times Square - hope to see u this friday.

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