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Thursday, April 28, 2011

hello guys ape cer? hehe pe cer ye.. skrg study week, what was i thinking? I have less time to study. I spent most of my "precious" time on surfing the internet, reading blogs, youtube-ing, downloading songs and etc. Pmls kan ak? What is going on min? Ko nak pisang berbuah 2 kali, dsbbkan kemalasan kau? eheh. Yes yes yes !study week has begin, and my 1st paper would be on saturday, what should i say about the progress? Preparation? kalau korg tye synopsis movies for sure ak blh jwb, but duno lah, desire to study mmg sgt tinggi skrg. Nak hafal sikit2 kan. haha desire utk weekend ni lg DASHYATTTTT!- spend the night at the curve would be naiiiiseee hihi :) $%^&*()^%$ duit mmg byk habis - but its worth it - instead of watching tv kat umah, mmg syg umah banglo ni, but as a normal human being who loves entertainment rather than book n tv without ASTRO, so we better go out, wandering anywhere we want to. Kekeke. its been 4 am now n as usual i still cant sleep, my eyes r wide open while my stomach is full with nuggets n some fatty oily foods -.-' went to OU just now n watched movie - THOR. gosh its an awesome movie!!! Chris Hemsworth acted so sexy !! Loves his body muchoooo ! Berbaloi-baloi weyh! sgt best - semua movies yg ak tgk semua ny best - most probably this week saje ak habis 100 bucks kot -.-'' Tp best sgt, Satisfied! im having fun. movie is my real lust. hihi. Planning wasn’t bad. I simply fired up my search engine of choice, tp choice punya choice the end up dgn watch all the movies in 1 week, probably less than 1 week - i made it Jyeahhh ! :D Moneyyyy? (me with a look of sliiiight consternation on my face) -.-'' - tp aku mmg betul having fun with my dear boyfie - love you baby. sorry for being so roughed this few days, im trying to change now believe me, im struggling. - conflicted. Im stuck. Dah SETAHUN SETENGAH syg our relationship - mesti my ex rasa defeated kan sbb die cursed kite akan kapel not more than 8 months - so stupid la that guy- keep on calling me & talking shit semua then ajak lepak- get a life la bodoh. Jaga awek ko je dah enough.

Ni di antara movies yg ak dah tgk wee :)

I love my life, because im full of joy, I love my life, because I make great choices, I love my life because im in love, I love my love because I found some one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. ALhamdulillah. - just in case la kan kot kot ade yg tak puas hati ke ape, simpan la dlm2 perasaan awk tu sbb ak sentiasa anggap senang je- ko nak menyalak ko menyalak sorang jnji u wont bite me. Sbb after beaten by a dog, lg2 anjing yg ade symptom anjing gila, woo effect die teruk wey, blh mati, so knowing that the dog wouldnt bite me so its okay la derr. Ape je anjing blh buat selain menyalak? HAHA. Just in case saje, yelah kdg2 kite buat silap kat org kan, org tu terkecik hati n mkn dlm- we duno rite? so sorryla kalau tak puas hati dgn sy :)

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