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Friday, April 30, 2010

their love is my INSPIRATION

grace gynda, better known as grace.. psmaan ktorg juz ktorg SARAWAKIAN.. n our skin is bright. hahaha. tats it. dlm fb smpat jgk ak chatting ngn grace.. dah 2 taun dier kapel ngn ijam.. wow great. love is not ez, esp when it comes to a person called~mint~. haha. skrg mls nk ckp soal study, cmon, gimme a break. skrg dh start sem break so talked about something else rather than study. btw grace lg strong, kapel ngn well known person is not ez.. lebih2 ngn schedule yg full. thx grace for the advises. :)

x kire la korg fhm ke x ape ktorg merapu dlm bhsa ibunda..haha, yg penting ade point ny d situ. ohh grace! love u! byk support dlm case2 mcmni..haha.

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