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Monday, May 16, 2011


people might assume i was an impersonator, show off, bragging.. boast, swagger..whatever they name it..n less knowledgeable in this special field, yes, I admit, i was still blind n need guidance, n i never care about any impression from those who just didnt understand/refused to understand.. making their own assumption about my interest or yedayeda, I just dun Fucking care. N its quite upset for me as my own parents thought that having a Lomo is a waste. Lomo nothing, lomo this lomo there.. n i was tired giving so many explanation, based on internet, googling, show 'em some unique pictures of lomo.. told 'em everything. Well ma pa, can u just understand ur daughter's wants? instead of assuming that Lomo is a toy for immature girl like me? Tell me how to live for 4 months here, when they questioned my ability? Its hard to grow up when ur parents thought that u are 12 years old girl. Because nobody cares, they wont listen to u. Fuck r u joking? I am 22 years old! I hate being rough but my own depression pushes me. I hate thinking about how m i going to free myself from being rough knowing that im not happy living here anymore, but it doest brought the meaning that i hate to live in my own house but i hate living with people who thought that i am 12 years old immature girl n get scolded almost every second of my life, in front of everyone. How cruel is that? Im so sick every time i aksed my mum/dad to bring me to kedai gambar then they gave me so many excuses. its been 100 times since the first day ive reached here :(

Lomography” is a term quite unknown to most of us, but many practice it. The name was inspired and derived from the Russian “LOMO” cameras. Lomography not only refers to photographs taken with the LOMO camera, but can also apply to casual photography taken with any ordinary camera.

The Lomographic Society International has lived by the following 10 golden rules in logography since the early 1990’s.

1) Take your camera everywhere you go.

2) Use it any time – day and night.

3) Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it.

4) Try the shot from the hip.

5) Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible.

6) Don’t think.

7) Be fast.

8) You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film.

9) Afterwards either.

10) Don’t worry about any rules.

that is why i love Lomo very much.

Polaroid :) You'll be next.

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