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Monday, October 25, 2010

Go and get the fuck off here if you can't stand this website. U little prick

My name is
Unstoppable, primarily bcuz everything I have been through in my life hasn't stopped me. Writing has become my passion, something I take very seriously. It's my only way of venting out my rage and emotion in a loud chaotic world.

This is a special dedication.To the bitch that's straight up faking. ENJOY !

Glaring at me across the room...What the fuck?I'm not a fuckin animal..If I'm so slow, then I'll be slow..If I'm retarded, I'll be retarded.. & If u're a bitch, too bad for u. Yay !

" this is for you red
i dream your dead
those bloody thoughts fill my head
i shouldent have saved you twice

I am going to choke you
Until you turn blue.
Or will you turn red?
Ill just choke you till u're dead..."

If you want to be a bitch, then be a bitch..If you want to be a coward, be one, bitch..But I don't care, so fuck you.This fuckin poem is dedicated to you, a PATHETIC ASS.

Your comments annoy the living shit out of me. what an immature stinker you really seem to be. i hope one day you get bored of sticking up for yourself anonymouslyee..n realize this is a losing game.

so sad. so lame.
what a shame. Bluerkkk !


i use to be a fool trying to be cool..but then i realised that i was happy living peoples lives, and soon u'll learn that when your back is turned


i want to choke you. pull your UGLY long hair out of ur emo face. Slam your head against the wall. SPLASH SPLASH the blood goes all over the place.
when you die, i shall shit on your grave.
Go back home in peace, chill and have a spliff with my FRIENDS.

"You're a fat mouth breathing fuck and I hope you die"

x x x x x x :) :) ;)

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