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Monday, September 13, 2010

This is not a trash ;)

Best tak best best tak best best tp tak berapa nak best. beraya di Kpg Bpk ak, di Lundu. it takes few hours to reached there. Fuiyoh naek kete Ford Ranger ktorg yg baru. Duno what so special about this car, but its big, so bg ak yg punye taste2 besar n yummy ni, I like it! ngeh3.

Raya without my eldest brother mcm tak bermakna ouh. He's in Poland, working there. Pulanglah abang ibunda merinduimu. It used to be very fun when we was small but nowadays, everyone has grown up kot, sbb tu kene behave. Or else nampak tak sedar diri lah kan. Huhu boring. Skrg baru umur 21 tahun rite? Cane lak agaknya bile dah lg besar nanti kan. Duit raya pun dpt ckit. hwaaa!

Firework bnde yg paling annoying bagi ak. Duno why people loves to play that rubbish. Mcm yg ak salu ckp, Its a trash. Polis dah forbid bende tu but yet still kept on playing ha? Bknkah bodoh perlakuan itu. Kalau org tua yg ade heart problem mesti dah mati. cmon lah, u get nothing when u play firework, its just wasting ur time yet burning ur money. besides, dpt maki hamun dr bpk ak. Phew sakit tu.

Photography During Eid.

Kuching, 14th sept 2010

~ Hari Raya yang.. erm. Best but there is sumthing that bothering me. Yerps its assignments. so many assignment need to be done. Did i mention before whats the task that given by our great lectures? yah kinda funny to remember, those shits and trashes "accompanying" us during our Eid's celebration. All the lectures? Phew, I thought they were extinct :S * during raya jela..dun be too rude mint..* ~kurr

~Eid :) i must say that our family is the greatest among others in Lundu. It is because grandma's house is the only house that can occupied 3.. 4 .. cars at the same time. Hehe what a great moment as we shared so many things together, although there are few of our families failed to return Sarawak this year, Haha sorry sounds cruel.

~ to My Beloved Husband :) And blessed enough for me to have my bf Rahman <3 Ukhti Ukhti Ukhti, if you happen to be reading this, thank you soo much for all that u've done for me. u bring wayy tooo much joy and happiness in my life it's unbelievable.
what you did today was simply perfect :)

~4th Raya : went to Lundu again, arrived from kch at 1030, we did not plan any of the activities on that day. It was happened dramatically accidentally. Harharhar. Oh yeah, actually my fren, Ct Hafizah has planned to meet her Bf, the old time fren of mine, Shawn but didnt tell us. What a monkey. It was sooooo last minute, I panicked the hell outta myself. She texted me at 10.00 am on and picked me up at 10.35 am. Whatta hectic day.

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