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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ok skrg tak sure apa nak buat, Boredom strikes again. Just finished watching The Friday 13th % the Forbidden Secrets. Watching with my family. Of course i need to learn on how to keep my mouth shut, rather than to scream as usual. PHEW. Forbidden secrets is about a poor young lady who suffered a mental disorder after saw her aunt murdered by Sam, That guy is a doctor who treated the lady, the one who changed all the medicine and change the lady's thinking, so that she couldnt remember any of the incident that occurred in her house when she was kid, unfortunately, everything was captured in a video tape, Sam is looking for the tape so that he can hide any evidence, while her mentally ill mum died after smashed the glasses in a bathroom and cut off her own artery.

together with her friend, also a doctor, they revealed the truth about the murder & killed sam in a pool. interesting movie!! ^^

Damn another sexy outfit from Forever 21.

but how far this concept can be done. Corruption. Fraud. Only focuses & completed the high profile cases, small cases that r not "essential" have been excluded. Is that fair enuf for certain parties? fate of the victims r not advocated for years. its weird when we, as an ordinary people watch on tv, ohh yeah, y suddenyl so many cases habe been revealed? ehm! not sure what the true meaning of one of Malaysia. Our country is in a bad condition and there is still much to be improved. Murder here & there. PHEW! 1 Malaysia? means that people and nations should be consolidated into one? Are u sure? Malay, Chinese and Indian, and other ethnic groups in Sabah and Sarawak are also united, free from any violence.

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