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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


a promise i made for u:

  • anger management..*which is to bad n too risky for our relationship

  • too sensitive*sgtsgt kuat majuk..wtfffff

  • ske ckp lepas..*lidah xde insurans..sian dier..salu kne u should learn from the past..CONTROL!

  • not being too pushy..*bosan kang

  • FAIR...* love u soooooo much syg :)

  • listen to him..*i know its to early for a ley praktis skrg kn?..jd bini baek..hehe


facebook is a social networking yg ak rse sgt risky ouh utk ak..bkn sbb fb jer..bila Man ckp dier nk on9 automatically ak cam.."HAHHHH???ON9??.." TAKOTTTT~ huhu..ak da del few of my frens in first ske cam..alaaa dorg kwn ak..should i...?tp bile pk2 blik,bile Man soh buat ak kne ikut..dier x slesa or wateva..apepon kne utamakn prasaan bf sndri dulu..adela sorg ni cm terasa bile ak del dier dr fren list fb but wat should i ak hepy baru ak ley hapy gak.both hepy,it makes me feels sososososo gud :)

laki mmg yg betol2 syg kite cume 1..tanak pape juz LOVE.

skrg mmg sgtsgt bhgia ngn dier!hee.THX GOD :) it was like...i was gifted! :)))))

WITH YOU by chris brown.

I need you boo

I gotta see you boo

And the hearts all over the world tonight

Said the hearts all over the world tonight

Yes, you're a winner!!!

And I'm so glad to be yours

You're a class all your own talk to me

I swear..

the whole world stops

You're my sweetheart

And I'm so glad that you are mine

You are one of a kind and..

You mean to me

What I mean to you and..

Together baby,

There is nothing we won't do'cause if I got you,

I'm into you

And boy

No one else would do,

cause with every kiss and every hug

You make me fall in love

And now I know I can't be the only one

I bet there heart's all over the world tonight

With the love of they life who feel..

Wat I feel when I'm

Oh boy!

I don't want nobody else

Without you, there's no one left then,

You're like Jordans on Saturday,

I gotta have you and I cannot wait now,

Hey! Little TALLER

Say you care for me,

You know I care for you,You know...

that I'll be true,

You know that I won't lie,

You know that I would try,

To be your everything..yeah..

I don't need money,

I don't need cars,

BOY, you're my all.And..

And I..Will never try to deny

that you're my whole life

'cause if you ever let me go

I would die..

So I won't front

I don't need another MAN

I just need your all and nothing

'cause if I got that

Then I'll be straight

Baby, you're the best part of my day =))

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