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Saturday, January 30, 2010

damn u b*tch!

ak joined sshe deserves to die after turtoring a kitten! club kat fb..OMG ak maki minah china tu thp gaban punye..sampai tol at dier blasah kuceng tu smpai mati,menurut kwn ak,dier siap blasah smpai mata kuceng tu tkeluar..lg nk pijak kuceng sdikit description sal case tu:

:::This video was taken about 3 years ago, and the kitten killer has been identified. Her name is "Wang Jue", "Gainmas" on the internet. She bought the pair of heels on eBay and was hunted down by enraged animal lovers several years ago. She and the video producer (Li YueJun) had apologised, but THEY WERE NEVER PUNISHED accordingly because there was no specific law in China regarding animal cruelty and abuse. She justified her actions by saying that she was depressed due to a failed marriage. ::: ---->> bodoh manusia ni p abused kuceng yg lnsg xde kaitan ngn probs die...dasar xde at perot.ko pg mampus la pompuan!!!!!! yg pelikny kt negara kuturunan nenek moyang ak ni,xde law yg take action atas pbuatan mcmni..kalau cmtu ak malu nk ngaku datuk ak brasal dr neg China! wolffwolff!

:::When confronted by a reporter, she became defensive, saying: "Suddenly hundreds of people are on my QQ and cursing me. What's the problem if I crush cats? It's a type of experience. You wouldn't understand.":::---->> ko experience pale hotakkk ko bingaiiiii! ko ingt tu cicak ke ha???kalau cicak pon u shouldnt do tat!its alive! ure fucking fat pig!

fuck u::: those u took that vid n did it to the kitten.

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